Add different Discourse categories

In my opinion it would make sense to add categories for the discourse, e.g. help, community, announcements, feature request (@lukas maybe you want them on git), …

It would give a little bit more structure.

Also a categorization in Parts, Schematics, Board Editor, … could make sense.

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Dunno, to me at least forums with more categories than users give off a bad vibe.

Lol. Given that we have 5 users we should be ok with 4 categories then. I suppose we can wait until it gets messy to figure out what categories there should be.

I’d also wait till there really is a need for this (e.g. things get messy and questions start repeating). Let’s just wait and see what questions and topics users come up with and decide later whether we really need categories to group them (and which categories to choose).