Correct way to add a parametric resistor

Relatively simple one: I want to add a 47k 0805 resistor, which doesn’t seem to exist in the pool. What is the correct way to do this so it “fits” with the other parametric resistors?

Do I need to manually create a new part per value? How does the parametric thing actually work?

There’s extra pools with resistors and capacitors you can download and use.

Open horizon, click the menu at the top right and click on pools. Click the available tab and download the pools you want.

Then open your project pool and click the settings tab and select the pools that were downloaded and use the over arrow to include them.

Oh yeah, that mostly fixes my immediate problem. Thank you.

Sort of still curiious how the “special” parametric stuff for resistors/inductors/capacitors works, however, if anyone doesn’t mind explaining.

When creating a part just choose the type from the parametric data dropdown and enter the values.