Creating a loop of copper

I am trying to generate a board that contains a copper trace that is in the shape of a loop. I want this loop to be such that tracks can come in on one side of the loop and exit the other and the tracks can go away from the loop on top of each other in the top and bottom planes of the board. I am trying to use this loop to to generate a magnetic field. So far what I have tried to do is shown in the image below.

Package.pdf (34.9 KB)

The idea was to create a package that has 2 small circular pads that are then connected by a large loop. I could then route the tracks to those pads and the current would then flow through the loop.
When I go to to place the part on the board however I run into the following error: “Pad(1) near Other on layerTop Copper”. It seems that the rules on the board do not like the copper of the loop being close to the pads even though I want them to be connected. An image of the error pointed to on the board is attached below.

Board.pdf (51.2 KB)

I am assuming that the issue is rooted in me using copper in the package that is not a pad. Please let me know if there is a way to specify the connection between the loop and the pad or a way of disabling this error.

Is there any specific reason for putting the arc in a package? If not, you might want to give the upcoming arc tracks a try: GitHub - horizon-eda/horizon at arc-tracks

They’re not yet supported by the interactive router on that branch yet, so you have to draw them using the “draw track” tool.

The check error appears because a no-net copper feature, the track in your case, is connected to a copper feature that has a net. Right now, there is no option to turn that off. In the future, there’ll be an option to selectively waive check errors.