Donation for Horizon EDA?

I really enjoy using Horizon and see how much effort you Lukas are putting into this project. As I do not have enough time to contribute by myself to the project, I really would like to donate something for you/the project. However, I could not find any kind of donation system, s.a. patreon, paypal, github sponsor, …

Therefore I would like to ask you Lukas, if you could put something up in order to honor a bit the hard work you are putting into Horizon.


Horizon is indeed an excellent project. I also want to contribute a little to appreciate their efforts.

The question is whether Lukas actually wants donations. Don’t get me wrong here, the will to donate shows the gratitude you guys have (I would consider donating myself) – yet donations could create a sense of obligation in the person receiving them.

Worst case scenario: The project receives enough donation to pressure the maintainer into working really hard, but not enough for them to make it their main job (if that is even something that is wanted). So donations, can also have their negatives and we should probably first figure out how it can be used the best way : )

Yeah, I’m worried accepting donations might result in expectations I can’t meet. Also, I’d have to take care of taxes.

I might consider is a service that allows people to pay for specific expenses such as the domain.