Etoile (Flatpack): Strange Pan Behaviour

Panning (default key settings) does not work with my 1.4 Flatpack installation on Mint 19.1 (Ubu 18.04 LTS).

When I hit any of the pan-keys, I see that the key being displayed at the bottom of the window (i.e. schematic editor) - but no other reaction, i.e. movement. Only when the mouse pointer is moved directly after the pan-key, the window content will move into the requested direction. It seems as if the pan-key requests are stored in some kind of FiFo buffer and only executed when a mouse movement is registered. Hitting any other key does not active the pan-movement.

This strange behaviour makes the installation effectively unusable, as I have no chance to navigate thru a design requiring substantial schematic area. Any idea?

Try this branch GitHub - horizon-eda/horizon at pan-redraw and report if makes a difference. See Building on Linux — horizon-eda 1.0 documentation for building it from source.

Does panning using the middle mouse button work? Using the keyboard isn’t really the most convenient way of panning.