Fabrication Output for CircuitHub

My fab house, CircuitHub, doesn’t support any of the fabrication outputs provided by Horizon EDA. Below is the list of formats they support:

  • For Altium, upload your .pcbdoc and all the relevant .schdoc files.
  • For Eagle, upload your .brd file and one .sch file.
  • For KiCAD 4/5, upload your .kicad_pcb, -cache.lib and .sch files (details).
  • For KiCAD 6, upload your .kicad_pcb and .kicad_sch files (details).
  • For Cadence Allegro / OrCAD, please export your project to IPC-2581 and upload that file.
  • For Fusion 360, please export your project to Eagle and upload those files.
  • For IPC-2581, upload your .xml file as is or compressed as a .zip or .xml.gz file (details).
  • Other EDA tools are supported if they can export to the rich generic IPC-2581 format

Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed? I looked up IPC-2581 and it looks like a standardized OBD++ in XML format. I’m not sure what’s involved in converting one to the other but if that’s the best way forward here, then I can get on that.

Interesting that they don’t support Gerber or ODB++. Wondering what CAM software they use that doesn’t import Gerber or ODB++.

Anyhow, it looks like there’s nothing stopping us from implementing IPC-2581(C) :

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