Feature request: curved nets

Thanks for making such nice software. Overall the software seems very complete except for one piece: I could use support for curved nets. You’ve got nice arcs already, and I would be curious to hear how challenging it would be to support arced nets. It’s particularly helpful with RF and very small traces.


This is something I’d like to see as well, ideally in a non-destructive fashion where you can:

  • always add/remove curves
  • change the angle between two lines and have the curve update automatically
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Yes, please, it feels like the last puzzle of a daily-use ready EDA program.

Good news, I’m actually working on that right now, it’s mostly about updating the router to the one from kicad 6.0. Will definitely make it into the next release.


Thanks for working on this. I found a good related blog post that might be worth reading on that topic: Melting KiCad - mitxela.com