Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB

Is there a way to create Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs with Horizon?

Do you have an immediate need for this feature? I’m a bit puzzled by requests like this one as folks doing flex-rigid PCBs are usually operating in a commercial setting. I wouldn’t expect people to depend their business one-man-show project.

Anyhow, do you have a description of how the flex/rigid parts are specified in the gerbers?

Not really, would just be for a fun project (lcd + touch keyboard). Was just wondering if this is possible.

I don’t think there is a standard. Basically the stackup needs to be defined/divided in two regions. How is the stackup defined in gerber? Is it coupled with the outline?

Gerber itself doesn’t know about stackups (or nobody uses it) If you have a description of how the gerbers should look like, I might be able to come up with an idea how to do this in Horizon EDA.