How to create a "half-circle" padstack?

I’m trying to built a solder-bridge part (, and I would like to create a half-circular padstack to build the package. However, I was not able to find a way of creating such a half-circular pad shape (yes, using a polygon - but I don’t think thats the way it should be done).

Best, trembel

What’s wrong with a polygon? Polygons support arcs, so this pad shape should be quite easy to recreate.

Well, that was quite a dumb question… I somehow assumed that I can only draw lines with polygons (although I used the arc feature for other things already :joy:)…

Arks in polygons work, once you get the hang of them, but I still sometimes need two tries to draw them properly : ) I wish there was a somewhat more “interactive” version of arc drawing (where you only commit to the arc in the end, with all 3 points editable till you “commit”