How to divide netlines into separate nets

My schematic contains a current sense resistor that is directly connected to ground. VRES+, VRES- are supposed to connect to a differential amplifier through VCSH and VCSL but I cannot set the second label (the GND label below VRES+) to VRES- without it also changing the name of my entire ground net. I need a way to split the GND net into a VRES- and GND net in this section of the schematic. I know it’s possible by placing e.g. a 0 ohm resistor but I do not want to place any additional components just because the software demands it.

What it should look like (with undesired 0 ohm resistor):

As it is right now, the differential trace ends up merging with the ground plane.

I used 0 Ohm resistor for a similar thing as well. From a software perspective it makes sense to have this junction point between two nets a part (because otherwise how would the board editor decide where one net starts and the other ends?) — maybe this is just a matter of creating the right part?

@lukas what are your thoughts on the matter?

Altium has the concept of net ties to handle this case and implementing something similar is on my long-term to-do list. In the meantime, creating a part/package with the desired connectivity and accepting the resulting DRC errors will have to do…