Newbie questions/experience

What amazing work you’ve done in creating this tool - thanks!

My first example design was a simple op amp inverter based on ‘Draw a Schematic’ in ‘Getting Started’ topic in readthdocs.

Issue: Example part TL072 (dual op amp) is not listed in default pool

This makes it a bit confusing when trying to follow the example in the docs.

From readthedocs example:


When attempting to add TL072 to schematic


Issue: Net names visibility

I like to selectively have my net names be visible, but I can’t see an option in the dialog box to enable this. This is likely related to the ‘Label Missing’ warning that shows up after a net is added. I’m guessing (but hoping not) that adding a label is the only way to see the net name? This seems to be a graphically ‘heavy’ way to show net names, and uses a symbol type that is typically used for ports between schematic sheets.

I’m sure the above are due to my Horizon EDA inexperience. If there’s more complete documentation or other resources that would help answer the above, please advise where to find them.