No information on making parts

I found a tutorial for the basic usage of Horizon EDA. But nothing in terms of actually defining my own parts. Can somebody point me at something?

See the articles in the pool section such as Pool Manager — horizon-eda 1.0 documentation

Thanks, that nearly got me somewhere. But the parts editor opens almost entirely offscreen. I cant even do the hold alt trick to drag the window around. Is this something that is fixed in current builds?

If so I might need to harangue the debian package maintainer.

Hm, try deleting ~/.config/horizon/implicit_prefs.db.

There’s nothing that I’m doing about that, must be a Gtk or window manager thing then.

The version packaged by debian is severely out of date, I suggest using the upstream-provided packages Installation — horizon-eda 1.0 documentation or the flatpak.