ODB Outline in Genesis 2000

I have been told by a particular board shop that there isn’t an outline/profile layer in Horizon-generaged ODB files when opened by Genesis 2000. Alas, I can’t verify this. Anyone else encounter this issue? It’s not a big deal since the outline is easy to infer from other layers.

Nice to hear that people are using the ODB++ export :slight_smile:

that there isn’t an outline/profile layer

Interesting. While there is indeed no explicit outline layer, the board outline gets written to steps/<step name>/profile. Is that file non-empty? Can they tell you on which layer they expect the outline to be? Does opening the job in the ODB++ viewer show the outline in white?

The profile layer is certainly present in my viewer.

Ok, them I’m curious what else they need. Did you also check with ODB++ Viewer - ODB++Design? Since that one’s from Valor/Mentor/Siemens I guess it shares code with Genesis 2000.

I sent an email to KLA, but didn’t get a response.

I’ve noticed that a lot of board shops that I use tend to use old versions of software with early and incomplete ODB++ support.