ODB++ support in Horizon EDA?

Hi all,

First of all, I want to say thank you to the team behind Horizon EDA. I just started playing with Horizon EDA and I am loving the approach to the library management so far!

I was wondering about whether support for odb++ is on the radar for Horizon EDA. I found this 2 yr old Eevblog post by Lukas, so it seems like there was some interest at some point in time on odb++.

Whenever the topic of odb++ comes up, people also point to IPC-2581 which aims to replace odb++, and question the value of odb++. I think odb++ export would be valuable to the community for the following reasons:

  1. We have SI/PI/3D EM software that take odb++ as inputs. Therefore enabling odb++ exports is a big boon to folks working on RF or high-speed designs.

  2. High end PCB/PCBA shops like working with the odb++ format.

  • PCB shops like it because odb++ is easier to import into their CAM system, and makes their DFM easier.
  • For PCBA shops, having richer data in form of odb++ helps them do x-ray inspections etc.

Again while IPC-2581 is supposed to enable the same things I wrote above, in my experience shops are still dragging their feet on IPC-2581 adaptation and want to stick to what they know (odb++).

Thank you!

At that time, one user was asking about ODB++ export for SI/PI simulation, that’s about it. Knowing that other people are also interested in it, I might have another look into implementing it.

I, too, could use odb++; the fabrication shops I work with seem to require it for automated testing; I suspect it’s the identification of net names in odb++ and not in gerber that enables it.