OpAmp with /Disable - which Gate?

Hello Everyone,

I intent to use an ADA4807-1 single channel OpAmp with /Disable pin. Currently I see no comparable part in the master pool - to which gate type does such pin belong conceptually - OpAmp channel or Power?

Creating a Power gate with a common /Disable pin would allow to use this for dual/quad channel types, too. On the hand, I know at least one dual OpAmp with shutdown options on a per channel base (e.g. AD8647). Any thoughts on this?


Good question, I think it should either go into a new power gate or a gate on its own if it’s global to all amplifiers in the device. That way, the amplifier gates can still be swapped.

For opamps, that have a per-channel output enable, it probably makes sense to put the enable pin into a new opamp with enable unit.