Package layer - purpose?

what is the intended purpose of package layer? How and when would you use it?


As the Documentation describes:

The package outline is used for visualizing what the part’s outline looks like, hence it should follow the part’s nominal dimensions. You may use the “import DXF” tool for importing a DXF drawing obtained from a STEP model or otherwise. Since the package outline’s purpose is purely visual, you can use either lines or polygons. Only include pins if they significantly contribute to the part’s appearance.

I would understand it as: “meant to show you the physical shape of the package in the board editor” – in the meanwhile the assembly layer is meant for a special assembly view (either in editor or for exporting as PDF) where you can quickly see the position and orientation of a part.

I’ve read that part, but I’m still at loss as what is the practical purpose? When would you actually use it/need it? You have nice 3d view, step export and assembly view.