Package on Board without being on Schematic

How is it possible to add a package to the board, without being on the schematic (e.g. a heat sink)?

I do not think that is possible or needed. Why would you not want to have a heatsink in a schematic?

I mean a heat-sink can make sense to put also on the schematics (whats the symbol of a heat-sink?), since it often has holes connecting different nets. But e.g. a logo would in my opinion make no sense to put on the schematic.


To me, I don’t see an issue with a requirement for polygon to have some representation in the schematic. Example above is a kludge because you have to pretend you’re a manufacturer, enter fake MPN, etc, but, what’s on schematic does not have to be connected anywhere.

The main issue, as I see it, is a number of steps needed (many extraneous) to create an one-time or custom object that is an embellishment or self-made part or design.

That is exactly what I was doing as workaround.

For mechanical parts without any electrical connection such as light pipes, there’s the “Mechanical part” entity.

For heat sinks, I’d recommend creating a dedicated symbol/unit/entity.

For logos, well, why not just have them on the board as a polygon?

To properly address the issue of placing purely graphical things like logos and such on the board, we now have Decals:

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