Padstack editor - feature request

Would it be possible to expand pad stack editor with some of features of package editor? Or is it on purpose limited just to basic shape?
In package editor, I can create outline with line tools and then convert them to polygon, I’d love to be able do the same in pad stack editor.


Supporting lines in the padstacks doesn’t make much sense to me as padstacks should only be a single shape.

Which operations aren’t possible without lines?

As a workaround, you could create the desired polygon in the package/board editor and paste the resulting polygon into the padstack editor.

I’m working on thermal pad:

I was hoping to get some re usability with having a pad stack - for example having a corner piece, edge piece and middle piece (containing all data, including paste a mask).
I have created this as combination of pads (easy to move and change origin/dimensions and calculate area) and arcs. I’ll probably convert it into a polygon in the end, as it seems to be more appropriate. Anyway I need to update the design, as I’m still struggling to hit paste coverage targets :frowning:

The copy workaround sounds nice, thanks for the tip.

On related note, would it be possible to update arcs? Now i have control over the anchor points, but not over arcs parameters. Ideally we would have position x, position y, rotation and angle. This would be much more user friendly.