Pattern of squares

How might one create a pattern of squares (or hexagons!) for a copper fill area? I’d be happy to import artwork to be applied to the copper layer for now. Ultimately would be awesome if it were an option for the copper fill.

Are these for electrical purposes or purely decorative?

It’s like thieving.

If you try to fabricate a layer without copper and just a few traces you’ll waste etchant and make your fab sad.

It’s also super handy to keep layer thickness consistent.

I also need it for another functional reason.

But for now I’m curious if there’s some way to pull in vector art to arbitrary layers. I guess I didn’t check if decals can apply to non silkscreen layers?

Oh I see, copper balancing. That’s something I might eventually add.

Is there a way to bring in arbitrary artwork to a copper layer at the moment? Importing some kind of vector artwork? Is it possible with decals?

You can import DXFs. See Frequently asked questions — horizon-eda 1.0 documentation for importing logos.