Plugin support?

I’m wondering what the status is on plugin support for HorizonEDA.
I have found and used an amazing project made for KiCad, which adds exports as HTML pages that highlight traces and elements and show element lists on the side.
It’s written in Python, so I’m unsure what the integration requirements would be.

I wonder if support for such a plugin would be possible inside HorizonEDA.


I’ve seen that there’s a way to interact with the Horizon using Python, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to get headers for a native plugin if that’s even supported.

Are you speaking about GitHub - openscopeproject/InteractiveHtmlBom: Interactive HTML BOM generation plugin for KiCad - Interactive BOM?

From readme: “it can pull data from schematic if you export it through netlist or xml file that Eeschema can generate from it’s internal bom tool” therefore figuring out how to export Horizon EDA data to xml would be the way to go.

EDIT: Compatibility · openscopeproject/InteractiveHtmlBom Wiki · GitHub

How to integrate

If you would like to add support for another ECAD package there are 2 ways to do it:

  1. Transform pcb data into json that the script understands. Here is schema for it and more information on what the structures mean is available in DATAFORMAT document. This is the preferred way if ECAD software supports plugins or some kind of scripting.
  2. Implement custom EcadParser, example: EasyEDA parser. This method will allow parsing arbitrary files.
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That is indeed what I was talking about (I have no idea how I forgot to add the link).
That integration doesn’t look that hard, I’ll take a look at it!

Maintaining a proper plugin API is too much work for little benefit. Also, one would have to make sure that plugins don’t break over time due to changes in Horizon EDA.

I’d be fine with Horizon EDA gaining support for exporting to one of the formats that’s supported by the interactive BOM tool as long as it doesn’t add any strange dependencies.

Apart from that Horizon EDA already has a knockoff of that interactive BOM tool built in: Progress Report July and August 2020 | Horizon EDA Blog