Pool: "only add parts you can actually buy"

How about “historical” parts, i.e. something that could be bought in the past but might be sold out right now?

In a private repo, I once created a complete part (symbol, package, 3D model) for an A210E AF amplifier, once produced by HFO (GDR). It’s somewhat like the TBA810AS which has a slightly different pinout (pin rows with even/odd skew). Can actually still be bought in few pieces on Ebay.

So, shall I keep that one just in my private repository, or would it be OK to upload it to the public pool?

I frequently run in similar parts as well. I am coming from the modular synth/guitar fx direction and a lot ob obscure parts are beeing used there. I usually add them to the work branch of my pool. This includes THAT ICs, Germanium Transistors, Vactrols, different Jacks and Pots etc.

But having a pool dedicated to those oddballs would certainly make sense. @lukas how do you think this should best be organized?

Now that we have support for multiple pools in projects, I think this is the best way forward. It’s advisable to have this pool include the main pool to get access to the common entities and symbols.