QFN D-shaped pads issue at JLCPCB

Hi Lukas,

In blog post Gerber Aperture Macros are hard for everyone, you gave an example with the boards fabricated by JLCPCB. I see this post yesterday.

This morning I showed the D-shaped defective pads to engineers from CAM software department. And he asked for your JLCPCB customer ID to check the file. As I cannot find your ID and also cannot find your email. So I post this thread here. If it’s OK, could you please send your ID to atommann@jlcpcb.com

Then we can check the file see what happened and prevent it from happening in the future.

By the way, I just joined JLCPCB about 1 month ago to support overseas customers from the technology side.

Thank you.

Best regards,