RPM available for OpenSUSE Leap15.2

Has somebody done an RPM for Horizon-EDA? I installed it on a Win7 machine with remote desktop and get an open GL missing error. On my OpenSUSE machine I cannot get it to run correctly. Just do not recall the error. Compiling does not work either. There is something with files missing. I read about a problem with older GCC. But did not get any further.

I desperately need a successor for my old Protel suite because it requires at least WinXP or older. Actually I try KiCAD and am really pissed about the “user experiance”. Anyway, it does not make any sense to start a new design with OrcadWin6 and Protel PCB2.8. But with KiCAD I needed days for things I did in hours with my old tools.

Once (mounths ago) I got it running a little and think it is the best I have seen in my 35years CAD on almost a dozend different systems.

So please help me.


PS: Actually I need to run it on OpenSUSE Leap15.2 because this machine also runs a RAID-Z2 server. Later I maybe want to run it on a RASPI4 or RockPi with at least 4GB of RAM.

PPS: All machines run KDE. Gnome is prio one KO criteria. I would rather stop working than using Gnome. Maybe XFCE late. But that was not available on Leap15.2 while RAID-Z e.g. was not available on Leap15.3.

In Horizon EDA [War: Neues, halbfertiges Elektronik-CAD-Programm] - Mikrocontroller.net people managed to build it on opensuse.

If you post the error message, this should be an easy fix. Did you install all dependencies listed on Building on Linux — horizon-eda 1.0 documentation?

You might also try the flatpak: Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

I’m not sure of the current state of non-ES OpenGL on these platforms and Horizon EDA requires OpenGL 3.3 with extensions or OpenGL 4.

This could be the Windows issue. I recall that even in front of the Windows PC I had graphics problems. So it might not be worth to try VNC.

My experience with Linux is very poor now. Beside the fact that filesystems are not robust and will kill you a RAID6 if you cannot cleanly shut down the machine because a Moron has messed up audio with the messed up screen blanker doing a multi user multi machine environment is not possible like expected.

And every time rdesktop works fine someone fucks it up. Not worth to mention clipboard sharing.

I am talking too much.

Do you intend to support a central SQL server as an option for the libraries instead of the local SQLite? Or am I mixing things up?

openSUSE Leap 15.2 is eol since 4.1.2022. Therefore the Leap 15.2 build has been dropped from the electronics repository, from where horizon can be installed on openSUSE.

I’m running a nightly build from latest github master once a day here: Show home:frank_kunz / horizon-next - openSUSE Build Service but there is no warranty how long that will work. When the build fails for 15.2 I will drop it from the project without further notice. Also this is the bleeding edge version and not the stable release.

An other option would be that you branch the electronics/horizon package here Show electronics / horizon - openSUSE Build Service in open build service and enable the leap 15.2 build for that branched package then.

Thanks a lot started like a charm. Time to read the manual. ZFS is available upto Leap15.4 now. But rdesktop is working now with Win7 clients on Leap15.2. I need it on a daily basis.

Can I have the library on a SQL server for everyone instead of having it on every machine for every user?

I’d like to write converter to import libraries and designs from other tools. Taking the KiCAD parts from the verndors would be very nice.

The suggested way of sharing the pool is git. The SQLite database is there for fast lookup only.

The pool manager can already import KiCad symbols (though only the legacy ones) and packages.