Trouble with panelization


I have designed a few individual PCBs and i’m now working on panelization to have them fabbed, i have read the docs but unless i missed something there’s no clear directions on how that works in Horizon.

From what i’m guessing i should use the “Manage included boards” window which then allows me to use the “Place board panel” menu but whenever i select the board to place the editor window crash with that error :

There’s also an error dump in stderr, i’m not sure if it makes sense to include it here as it’s quite lengthy. I don’t know if i’m doing anything wrong here, I’m using Horizon 2.0 on Linux Mint 20.2 and have tried with various board designs.

Other than that, i’m not sure how and when i’m supposed to draw my tab routes. I previously used Altium where you would draw them from the outlines of the board before including it into the panel, it would use a dedicated mechanical layer for that purpose and appear as such on the panel :

Screenshot from 2021-07-14 17-41-57

What would be the correct way to replicate that with Horizon ? I suppose it’s done using the Outline layer but i don’t see how. Unless it needs to be done once the boards are placed on the panel ?

Thanks a lot for your help with these issues !

Yes, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work. Just out of interest, did that take long to figure out?

Thanks a lot, that bug got introduced earlier this year. The latest commit on master fixes it.

What does your PCB manufacturer expect in the gerber file? A line in the gko outline layer? If that’s the case, draw them on the “outline notes” layer and it’ll end up there. The outline layer itself should only consist of polygons to not confuse other parts of the application that operate on the board outline, such as 3D preview or DRC.

Hello Lukas,

Thanks a lot for your help !

Only a few minutes really, it was just a matter of finding the right keyword to use in the spacebar menu, the rest was really self explanatory. Slight tangent but that’s one of the advantage of moving away from the traditional file/edit/view paradigm, you can just search for the functionality you need and not just aimlessly look around in endless menus. The spacebar shortcut works really well for that purpose.

Thanks ! I’ll try and clone/compile to export my panels. Projects modified using the current development version should still work using the 2.0 release ? Well, apart from the panel projects.

Yes, that is what they’re expecting, on Altium i used to copy the lines from the dedicated route tool path layer into the outline layer and the manufacturer had no issue so that should work nicely !

Thanks again !

Non-square grid spacing settings might get lost as they got moved from the imp metadata to the board file. Apart from that, everything should be compatible.