Utilizing Multiple Pools

I may be a bit dense, but I cannot figure out to use multiple pools in a project - for example, I would like to use the default pool and the Murata capacitor pool.

Can this be done, or am I a big dumb?


Open the project pool window, go to the settings tag and include the murata capacitor pool. Then click save and update pool.

This requires version 2.0.

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Thanks, big dumb confirmed. Also, thank you (and everyone else!) for all the work you do on this project.

Sort of related. I can’t seem to get a part that’s in a project pool to update when I make modifications in the parent pool (eg personal fork of horizon-pool). What I tried:

  1. Modify package (or symbol) in “parent” pool and save package.

  2. Update parent pool.

  3. Update project pool.

  4. Project still appears to have the old package.

Is there any other step required?

If you make a change to a part/symbol/package that is imported from another pool you need to update the item under the “cache” tab of the project pool.

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That’s exactly what I was missing, thank you :slight_smile: