Which IDEs developers are using?

Hi everybody! Let me ask a question off topic - I am learning to program in c++, and HorizonEDA looks very professional, I would like to know which IDE you use, thank you.

In the beginning I was using Eclipse CDT, but after a while it had difficulties not breaking the index every now and then. I’m now using Visual Studio Code. Other people are using VIM with C++ plugins.

In general, every text editor will do. IDEs such as VS Code just make things easier with context-sensitive autocomplete and automatic syntax checking,

thanks, my choice also immediately fell on VSC, but I decided to find out how adults do it anyway)

I use KDevelop. It works great for C++, Python, and embedded stuff.

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The most popular IDE is Eclipse, which has been around for ages and has a huge following. It’s very customizable and flexible, and it supports just about every language you can think of. There are also plugins for pretty much everything you might want to do with your code.