How to pick an orderable MPNs

I’m having a hard time finding out how to pick one of the Orderable MPNs of a part instead of its generic part number, when building a schematics. As an example, CL21B472KBANNN has three orderable MPNs: CL21B472KBANNNC, CL21B472KBANNND and CL21B472KBANNNL. How can I specify the first one, CL21B472KBANNNC, so when I send the part list to the fab house, they know exactly which part to order?

Orderable MPNs can be selected in the orderable MPNs tab in the BOM export dialog.

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Oh, thanks — I knew I’d seen it before. It’d be great to surface this feature on the component’s context menu as well (or the space menu). I’m sure I’m not the last person who’ll spend an hour looking for it.

One more thing. It’ll be also a nice UI if the MPN on the Orderable MPN tab of BOM Export can be select-able text (I may be brave enough to dip my toes in C++ and give this a shot myself).