Multiple packages per part

The part browser shows the fields gate, symbol and package as drop down lists:

how can parts be defined that support different packages? For a test point this would be handy to have, e.g. different sizes available.

Parts only have a single package by design as that’s appropriate for actual parts one can buy.

If you don’t want to create a part for each test point size, you could define them as alternate packages for the package used in the part and select them in the board.

Find here Add alternative test point pads by fk0815 · Pull Request #249 · horizon-eda/horizon-pool · GitHub a proposal to add alternative pads for the already existing 1mm test point.

Some checks are failing, also for the already existing 1mm test point the fail the same way. How to deal with the test points? Should they have the same rules as regular packages?

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I have read very detailed instructions in the suggested user manual for adding alternative pads for already existing test points. Thanks :heart_eyes: