Moving text in Schematic and Board

Hi, Thanks for putting in the effort to create Horizon-EDA.
I have created a test schematic and a board layout. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to clean up text in the schematic nor can I find this feature in the board. Kicad select + m and text moves.

I hope you can enlighten me.

Selecting the text and pressing m to move should work. You might have to be more specific - perhaps a screenshot?

Thanks for your reply.
Opensuse Tumbleweed 20231113
Flatpack Horizon 2.5.0

I have attached 2 screenshots. One hover select the actual connector and the other hovering over J2 but nothing happens. Not sure if there is somewhere a setting that disables it??

To move the reference designator you first would need to split it from the part. Right click on the part and explore the options in that menu.

Please see sample project screenshot. Normal behavior (C705).

Can I use parts from the default pool directly?