SnapEDA support for Horizon

One of the advantages of more established EDAs is their large repository of existing symbols and footprints. Horizon EDA being fairly young needs some boost in this regard. I’ve been looking at ways to improve this and found SnapEDA.

SnapEDA provides a large repository of symbols and footprints. They offer it for free and export to variety of formats, including KiCAD. I contacted them regarding adding support for Horizon EDA. They were very positive about it but they did emphasize that they probably won’t be publishing a “pool” like Horizon EDA expects, but rather individual symbols and footprints on-demand as they do for other EDA packages. I don’t know how well this fits into Horizon’s world and whether it would create a good user experience.

Any thoughts?

Since one part is usually made up of multiple items (part, entity, symbols, etc) I could envision them offering a zip archive of all required items and adding a way to extract that archive into an existing pool. Due to style differences between their symbols and the ones in the pool, this probably only makes sense for project pools, but I think that this could be a feature worth implementing.

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