Custom padstack parameters?

Hi everyone - loving Horizon so far. Well done team!

Is it possible to define custom parameters for padstack programs? As opposed to just the predefined list (Hole Diameter, Pad width, Corner radius, etc.).

Use case: I’m sticking to IPC standard plated through holes for a personal pool. I want to define a single parameter/variable for the diameter of the component leads “lead_diameter”, which goes on to determine the diameter of the hole, pad and soldermask expansion, like so:

get-parameter [ lead_diameter ]
0.75mm +
set-hole [ hole round ]

get-parameter [ lead_diameter ]
0.75mm + 0.7mm +
set-shape [ copper circle ]

get-parameter [ lead_diameter ]
0.75mm + 0.7mm + 0.075mm +
set-shape [ mask circle ]

I know it isn’t a huge chore to simply define the hole, pad and soldermask variables - but given that I stick to this one standard, having only one variable to enter would save me some time.

There’s an open issue about this: Feature request: user-defined parameters · Issue #384 · horizon-eda/horizon · GitHub unfortunately, this hasn’t been high enough a priority for me so far.

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Great, thanks for the reply! Keep up the incredible work.