Polarized (electrolytic) capacitors?

Am I only too blind, or are there really no electrolytic capacitors so far in the pool?

I am not sure about the official pool, but I created two series (THT/SMT) of panasonic electrolytics in these two pull requests, with 245 capacitors in total (and I guess roughly every common footprint).

  1. Added Generic TH polarized capacitor packages and Panasonic FC-A series by atoav · Pull Request #84 · horizon-eda/horizon-pool · GitHub
  2. Added Polarized Capacitors (Panasonic EEHZA series) by atoav · Pull Request #75 · horizon-eda/horizon-pool · GitHub

One issue here is that the tables.json for parametric search of polarized caps is not finalized yet, maybe @lukas can help pointing a way forward here? I used my table with much pleasure, but maybe it is too granular? Once the PRs get accepted we also will have my electrolytics in there. So hope is on the horizon… heh

In any case this means there are three options for you now:

  1. You manually include my pull requests in your local pool
  2. You go and use the work branch in my fork of the official pool. All the electrolytics are included there, but use at your own risk, as the parts have not been verified yet (although I used some on working PCBs already).
  3. You wait till the pull request is accepted or create your own parts in the meantime

Thanks for pointing this out. For sure, I’ll use one of options #1 or #2, rather than rolling my own. Didn’t notice your PR before.

Just be aware that this modifies the tables.json file (to add the parametric search). This is certainly practical, but that table might change in the future and you need to merge changes to the table from master as well : )

So far, I have no idea about table.json at all, but I guess I’ll just see.