One of my project pools is not available to be used in another project

I’m trying to re-use a bunch of components from one of my project pools in another project. All the other projects show up in list of available pools for me to pick, except the one I actually need. No warnings (in the console) or otherwise any other indication as to why it’s not available.

See the video:

Project pools are not supposed to be included in other pools. Perhaps the UI should forbid adding them to the pools list in the first place.

What workflow do you recommend to re-use a component from another project?

Either copy/paste the part or stick it into a non-project pool.

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Thanks. I only just realized I can have two projects open and Ctrl+C from one and Ctrl+V to another and have parts magically land in the destination project pool. It wasn’t obvious to me. Just for others who come across this post.